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Why did God impose the veil (Islamic hijab)?

Is the veil (Islamic hijab)‎ prescribed? What is the benefit of the veil (Islamic hijab)‎? The wisdom is clear that the women of the Muslims face down and cover their faces from the many of the women in the jewel, kept herself in the most beautiful Fatirinat and covered with silks. It was habitual for women in Makkah and the tribes that visit Makkah for Hajj to cover the face with veil (Islamic hijab)‎, so it was common or natural to have women not show their faces, so the Muslim women were not distinguishing of the face. As is clear that It is the first to familiarize the child from the small to the decency and the long dress to get used to it at the arrival and do not find it difficult to deal with the veil (Islamic hijab)‎ .The goal of the hijab jacket (veil) and the goal of the jacket are many things that are given beloew:

  • Veil (Islamic hijab)‎ keeping the woman covered her face to non-mehram.
  • In order to restore treason and preserve society, when women cover themselves with veil (Islamic hijab)‎.
  • An artistic view of a woman, who preserves her femininity and conceals her defects, does not show herself.

Why did God impose the veil (Islamic hijab)?

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said about veil ‎:

"If a woman reaches the menstrual period, it is not valid to see anything except this, and this indicates face and hands of the prayer.”

Why did God impose the veil (Islamic hijab)?

The diseases and forbidden relations that produce the sinners who bear the burden of their money and care for their children and do not know a father or mother have also multiplied, and problems of a new kind have emerged such as homosexual marriage, as well as the trafficking of young girls who are abducted in their countries and sold as slaves. To happen if the society is decent away from the charms and evil, Glory of the imposition of the hijab (veil) protection of society and an increase in the value of women in society.

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