The Prophet’s relationship with Ramadan before fasting

It is important to remember that the Prophet’s [sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam] relationship with Ramadan did not begin with the obligation to fast. He had a connection with it before this. It was during this month that he would achieve seclusion in Mount Hira and connect with his Lord, using it as a source of tranquillity and focus. Furthermore it was during Ramadan, whilst he was in the cave of Hira, that Jibraeel brought Allah’s eternal message:

“Read in the name of thy Lord who created.”

(Surah Alaq, v1)

Ibn Isahac narrates about Prophet’s relationship with Ramadan:

Ibn Isaac narrates from Syeduna Ubaid bin Umair about Prophet’s relationship with Ramadan:

“Each year the Prophet [sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam] would go to Mount Hira for a month in search of solitude and it was in that same month that he announced his Prophethood and that was the month of Ramadan.”

(As Seera t’un Nabawiyya v1, p235)

relationship with Ramadan

In describing the revelation of the QuranAllah Taala has confirmed in a number of places that it was revealed in Ramadan:

The month of Ramadan, in which the Quran was revealed.”

(Surah Baqarah)

“Verily we revealed it in the night of Qadr.”

(Surah Qadr)

Remember that as mentioned previously fasting in Ramadan became compulsory in Madeenah (and the revelation of the Quran began in Ramadan before the migration to Madeenah).

Dr Muhammad Abdu Yamaani writes:

Dr Muhammad Abdu Yamaani writes about Prophet’s relationship with Ramadan

“We should be able to infer from the above how deep and important the Prophet’s [sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam] relationship is with Ramadan and how he observed it before his prophethood and before the revelation of verses.”

Shaykh Atia Muhammad Saalim states:

Shaykh Atia Muhammad Saalim states abuot Prophet’s relationship with Ramadan

“The Prophet’s [sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam] relationship with Ramadan was not like that of other people. His relationship with Ramadan predated fasting. One could say that he had a relationship with Ramadan both before his announcement of Prophethood and after.

متعلقہ مضامین

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