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The Prophet and the Month of Ramadan (Ramadhan)

Today we talk about the Prophet and the Month of Ramadan (Ramadhan).

Fasting became obligatory on a Monday:

Monday not only has the virtue of being the day in which Allah’s messenger arrived in this world but it is also the day in which the fasts of Ramadan became obligatory.

“On Monday, the second day of Shabaan, in the second year of Hijrah, Allah Taala made fasting in Ramadhan obligatory upon the believers.”

(Risaala Ramadhan)

The obligation to fast occurred in the second year of Migration:

Remember also that the command to fast in Ramadan was revealed in Madinah in the second year of Hijrah. It is narrated from Syeduna Ibn Abbaas that:

“The first two things given to the believers after migration were the Bait ullah becoming the Qiblah and the fasts of Ramadan.”

“Verily Ramadhan became obligatory in Shabaan in the second year of Hijrah.”

(Athaaf Ahl ul Islaam)


He fasted nine Ramadan (s):

The above fact also proves that the Prophet [sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam] observed nine Ramazans after fasting had become obligatory. This is because he lived 10 years of his apparent life in Madeenah and Ramazan became obligatory in the second year of Hijrah.

Imam Ibn Hajar Haitami writes that some Huffaaz of Hadith have clarified:

“The Prophet fasted nine Ramadhans.”

متعلقہ مضامین

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