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MUHAMMAD(PBUH) “The Most‐Praised One”

MUHAMMAD [The Most‐Praised One] (PBUH) is the name given by Allah to our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and literally means “The Most‐Praised One”. This name appears in the holy Qur’an four times.

متعلقہ مضامین

The Most‐Praised One [MUHAMMAD]:

All praise is due to Allah . and the name MUHAMMAD means the “The Most‐Praised One”.

The question is by whom has he been praised?

The answer is simple, the Prophet (PBUH) is praised and dignified by the Lord of us all, Allah .. Since he is the most praised one, then Allah must have endowed him with every praiseworthy quality and not a single aspect be absent, otherwise it would give room for a deficiency and he could not be truly called “MUHAMMAD”. Certainly, the Prophet (PBUH) is in Allah’s own Word the embodiment of magnificent qualities.

MUHAMMAD(PBUH) “The Most‐Praised One”

His best and most perfect creation:

Allah is the Lord, the Creator and MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is His best and most perfect creation. Those who look for deficiencies in MUHAMMAD [“The Most‐Praised One” ] (PBUH) or believe him to be deficient in any respect have yet to understand the meaning of his name, let alone his person and exalted status.

MUHAMMAD a befitting name:

Allah chose such a befitting name for him that when anyone says MUHAMMAD, the Prophet is praised automatically. Muslims are obligated to express utmost respect and offer Durud‐o‐Salam (praise and salutation) whenever his name is heard, recited or is written.

The holy Qur’an, Surah 33, Verse 56

MUHAMMAD is a holy name:

MUHAMMAD is such a holy name that Allah included it right next to His name (with nothing in between) in the Kalimah Tayyibah (purity). When Adam (A.S) came to life he saw the name “MUHAMMAD” written next to the name of Allah everywhere in the Heavens (on every leaf of every tree in Heaven).

متعلقہ مضامین

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