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Miraj definition’ Isra meaning: miracle of Miraj

Miraj (also known as Isra’) is the Prophet Muhammad ’s miraculous journey through the heavens to personally meet Allah ..

This holy journey took place on the 27th night of Rajab, the 7th month of the Islamic calendar. Allah states in the holy Qur’an,

Most Sublime is He Who carried His servant by night (of Miraj) from Masjide‐ Haram to Masjid‐e‐Aqsa, between which We have placed Our Beneficence, so that We may show him Our Signs—certainly He is the All‐Hearing, All‐Seeing.

The holy Qur’an, Surah 17, Verse 1

Personally meeting and seeing Allah is the greatest honor for mankind and it was only bestowed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad. No one else, not even the leading angels and other honorable
prophets, ever had been granted this honor to meet Allah in person. No matter how much progress space and science exploration makes and however far men and their inventions reach, Muhammad will always be that one individual to go as far as he did on the night of Miraj to
meet Allah. There is nothing beyond Allah;

He is beyond the Beginning as well beyond as the End.

Miraj definition’ Isra meaning: miracle of Miraj

Only Prophet Muhammad is the eyewitness to Allah and his word is indisputable. The miracle of Miraj makes the Prophet Muhammad the greatest of all prophets, because

Every other prophet had performed salah behind him that night.

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