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khatme nabuwat (seal of the prophets) meaning in islam

Khatimun‐Nabiyyin (means khatme nabuwat or seal of the prophets)  is an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad , which confirms that with his arrival the chain of Prophethood is complete and sealed; that there will be no prophet(s) after him.

Khatimun‐Nabiyyin meaning:

Khatimun‐Nabiyyīn meaning is that Prophet Muammad (P.B.U.H) is the Final Prophet from Allah  .. Anyone who denies this or attempts to expound a different meaning of Khatimun‐Nabiyyin, other than that which has been established by the ijma’ (consensus) of the Muslim Ummah, is not a Muslim. Anyone who claims to be a prophet is absolutely a liar. To even demand proof of one’s claim to Prophethood is unacceptable as it leaves open the possibility that such proof could even exist. Rasülullah prophesized that there will be many claiming to be prophets, but they will all be liars. (means khatme nabuwat or seal of the prophets).

Khatimun‐Nabiyyin (khatme nabuwat or seal of the prophets)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani:

The most recent claimant to prophethood was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani, born on the Indian Subcontinent in 1835. He and his followers were declared non‐Muslims by the ijma’ of the Ummah yet they remain very active in preaching their false ideologies throughout the world.

 khatme nabuwat or seal of the prophets:

Islam was completed and perfected with the Prophet Muhammad eliminating the need for any more prophet(s) to come & an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad is seal of the prophets or khatme nabuwat.

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