Here is the list of top Islamic apps for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
It includes Quran, Prayer Times and other Islamic apps for Windows XP, 7, 8 &10.
Apps with good rankings are shown at the top.

1: The Noble Quran

islamic apps
the nobel quran

simply recite and know the Quran. The arabic in these Islamic apps are unique. It is comprehensible, large, and simple to read. It includes a translation to help you recite, surah summaries by Syed Abu-Alaa Maududi, and consist of an excellent english read.
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متعلقہ مضامین

2: Prayers Gadget

islamic software
islamic apps prayers gaadget

This is a sidebar tool that shows
Islamic prayers time
Qibla direction
Hijri calendar
special Islamic events.
Azan sound is played at each prayer time a customization reminder before Azan. This Islamic app has of 2,000+ cities database, and in the case of Internet, it is available at install time 290,000+ cities database. The prayer times are showed in different visions to suite everybody’s taste. The calendar can also be changed between Hijri and Gregorian modes.
Desktop Tool for
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• prayer time
• Hijri calendar
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3: Athan(Azan)Basic

Listen the Athan (Azan) automatically five times daily at each prayer time in your computer.
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4: Quran Auto Reciter

Quran auto reciter
Quran auto reciter islamic software

Quran Auto Reciter is an outstanding program for users who want to hear and reading the Quran. The program’s special structure is very simple and provides depth to the complete package. Operators can read the Quran in a number of different languages, which was easy and simple to use. It can be designed automatically at particular times for giving Athan at times configurable by yourself.
Quran Auto Reciter offers to users this program for listening and analyzing the Quran.

The qualities of these Islamic apps are given bellow:

• Simple control.
• Excellent sound.
• Great tool for anyone interested in this classic text.
• Looks slightly cluttered.
• Various boxes, choices, and the media player.
• Has a Help file.
• Excellent result.
Users set the time automatically to recite all prayers. All these things make sense quickly and feel intuitive. We extremely recommend you to download these free Islamic apps.
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