Hajj and The superiority of the Kaaba

The superiority of the Kaaba

"People are obliged before Allah to perform the Hajj to the House (Kaaba), if they are able to do this path” 

(Surah "The Family of Imran”, verse 97).

Hajj and The superiority of the Kaaba

The Messenger (peace be on him) said: "Whoever drinks the water of the deputy, then Hell will become haraam. Whoever makes a tawaf around the Kaaba, one hundred thousand blessings will be recorded for each step. Whoever visits the Kaaba, the children will not be deprived of their blessings. Whoever leaves his home and goes to the Hajj, and dies on the way there or on the way back, the Almighty will rejoice with the news of the seventy-year-old Hajj committed by him every year. "

In the tafsir of Imam Ar-Razi there is such a commentary on the following verse: "Hajj is committed in certain months. Whoever intends to perform the Hajj in these months, he should not enter into sexual intimacy, commit sins and enter into disputes during Hajj "(Sura” Bakar ", verse 197).

"What is the wisdom of mentioning these three actions by the Almighty?” 

We will answer that the task of worship is to render harmless these three evils:

lust, anger and doubt. 

The words "should not enter into sexual intimacy” indicate the need to fight lust. The words "should not commit sins” indicate that one must fear the murder of a person in anger. And the phrase "should not enter into disputes”indicates the need to suppress their doubts. Whoever desires to gain knowledge of Allah and the love of Allah, he must beware of these three evils. "

According to fatwas, if someone does the hajj and the words of kufar are flown from his tongue, his hajj will not be true. He will need to repeatedly perform the Hajj.

The Messenger (peace be upon him) said: 

"Whoever on the way to Hajj will fast for three days, Allah will present to Paradise a hundred palaces of white pearls. The size of each palace is seventy times larger than this world. "

The Ka’ba is called Beit al-Haram (the Restricted House) because Allah has made it respected and revered. The Most High said:

"Allah has made the Kaaba, the reserved house, as well as the forbidden month, sacrificial animals and animals with necklaces supporting people” 

(Surah "Trapeza”, ayah 97). 

Thus, the superiority of the Kaaba over Al-Quds and other places becomes clear.

The Messenger (peace be on him) also said: 

"The four cities are in Paradise: Mecca, Medina, Al-Quds and Sham.” 

Mecca is above Medina, Medina is above Al-Quds, Al-Quds is above Sham. 

Mecca is the place where the greatness and power of the Most High manifested, in Medina His beauty was manifested, and in Al-Quds, divine perfection manifested itself.

The Almighty ordered that those who have the strength and means to come to the Kaaba come here. And who does not have sufficient strength, let them not put themselves at risk. Going to Hajj, a person should leave enough money to the family and children (nafka) to have enough for them before he returns. That’s what the words 

"if you have the strength” mean . To a person who has such opportunities, hajj becomes a wajib.

The Messenger (peace be on him) said: "Whoever performs a one-time prayer in the mosque of Sham, one hundred hundred prayers will be counted. Who will perform the prayer in Al-Quds ,That will be counted the commission of a thousand prayers. Whoever performs the prayer in Medina will be charged with the commission of fifty thousand prayers. Whoever performs a one-time prayer in the Kaaba will be charged with the commission of one hundred thousand prayers. "

The Messenger (peace be on him) said: 

"Dajjal will not enter the three cities: Al-Quds, Mecca and Medina.”

From the book "Anwarul-ashikyn

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