Fatawa e Razvia software for pc and laptop

Fatawa e Razvia is the best islamic urdu books Technology software. It has developed by the IT branch of ‘’Dawat e Islami’’ for pc, laptop and computer users only.

About “Fatawa e Razvia”:

Fatawa e Razvia Software 1.1 is well-run software version that provides a big range of questions and answers in 30 volumes. This is very successful and best software.IT contain the feature of copying/pasting and searching a particular word or a particular Fatwa as well.

DETAIL Fatawa e Razvia:

urdu books software
Fatawa e Razvia
Fatawa e Razvia software
Fatawa e Razvia software
books software
Fatawa e Razvia software

Fatawa e Razvia or Fatawa e Radaviyyah is the most important fatwa(question and answer) book(in urdu language) of Muslims authored. this bood is written by of the great 19th Century Scholar Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu) in 19th century.
The Fatawa e Razvia was discussed Islamic question & answers in his book. Its 12 volume were first published by imam Ahmed Raza Khan‘s brother at Hasani press.Only two volumes of different Fatawa’s were available during the existence of the author.
The book is available in 30 volumes by various publications. It (alhmdulilah) contains answer to daily troubles from religious conviction to business and from battle to marriage. ‘’Raza Academy’’ was earliest publish Fatawa e Razvia’s different volumes in 1985. I must recomand you to download the Fatawa e Razvia software.

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Fatawa Razaviyya

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