Download Al Quran plugin for word

Download Al Quran Plugin latest version for Microsoft Word.This software is totally free islamic software. I am also using this latest Plugin in the latest version of Microsoft word 2013 & 2010.Its work very fine. You can now insert easily any ayah of Quran to your word document. Now you can also insert translation of any verse easily by download Al Quran plugin.

متعلقہ مضامین

Pics of this Al Quran Plugin software:

Download Al Quran plugin for word
Quran software-in-Ms-Word-Version new version

Download Al Quran plugin for word

Download Al Quran plugin for word

Download Al Quran plugin for word

The most popular versions of Al Quran plugin:

• 2.2
• 2.0
• 1.3

Size:                                                      3.6 MB.
Software included:                            Home & Hobby Tools.
Suitable for:                                        32-bit and 64-bit versions
Supported Microsoft versions:       2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013.
Capacity:                                              Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Default file name:                             Al Quran Plugin

After the installation:

After the installation of download Al Quran plugin it will add a new menu "Al-Quran” on your Microsoft Word software.

Translation available in these languages:

1: English
2: French
3: German
4: Italian
5: Korean
6: Malay
7: Persian
8: Urdu
9: Russian
10: Tamil
11: Azerbaijani

Specifications of Al Quran Plugin:

  1. Simply run in any operating system.
  2. you can add a new translation according to your taste in text file.
  3. Search in Quran and search in translation also.
  4. searching and get it.
  5. Select page number Quran and Right Click menu in Document.

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