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what are divine revelation? Wahi definition in islam

 wahi means divine revelation.
Every letter of the Holy Quran was sent down upon the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

  • Almost always, a divine revelation is sent via the Archangel Jibraail .
  • Some divine revelations have come directly upon the sacred heart of the Prophet, without any medium.
  • The honorable Musa was granted the honor to communicate with Allah without any intermediary and Allah directly communicated with the beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] in the Night of Isra wal Miraj.


Allah also conveys messages through ilham (divine inspiration) to AwliyaAllah (Allah’s beloved saints and mystics). Another form of wahi is dreams. It is said by the Prophet [PBUH] that

divine revelation will discontinue upon my passing, but true dreams will continue for the muminin.

The honorable Jibrail brought the first Wahi to the Prophet [PBUH] in Cave Hira, which is about 5.5 km from Makkah, where the Prophet had often meditated.

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