Al Quran kareem introduction القران الكريم

The Holy Quran is the last Book of Guidance from Allah sent via the Archangel Jibrail to the Prophet of all Prophets, Muhammad [PBUH]. Allah revealed the Holy quran over the span of 23 years. It was revealed orally upon the Prophet [PBUH] and not a single word is of the Prophet [PBUH]’s himself. Every word of the kuran is a kalam (word/speech) of Allah, the Lord Almighty. The Holy kuran was inscribed and recorded on various materials by designated Sahabi, as soon as it was revealed. The Prophet himself witnessed the compilation as it was directed by Allah to do so. However, the order of compilation of the Verses varies from their actual order of revelation. The verses were revealed according to circumstances at hand, but where they appear in the quran was carefully arranged by the Prophet [PBUH] as directed by Allah. The Kuran was specifically arranged to match with the way it is written in the LawheMehfuz. The Holy Kuran consists of 114 Chapters and 6,666 Verses. The entire Book and its every Word is the Kuran. After the completion of the quran, it rendered null and void all previous Holy Scriptures/Books, namely, the Taurat and Injil.

The Holy Quran remains unchanged:

The Holy Quran was now the guiding manual for all times and peoples to come until the Day of Judgment. Therefore, ever since its revelation, the Holy kuran remains unchanged because Allah Himself has taken the responsibility of safeguarding it; nothing can or will ever abrogate the Kuran. Another fact of the matter is that the Arabic language, in which the kuran is revealed, is still preserved and widely spoken. The languages in which previous Books were revealed did not survive for long and do not exist anymore.

Al Quran kareem introduction القران الكريم

The very first compiled copy of the Quran is safe:

The very first compiled copy of the Kuran is safe and well‐preserved in the famous Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Quran is the miracle of all miracles:

All Muslims are obligated to study the Quran so they can know that it is the miracle of all miracles of the honorable Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. Even one verse like that of the Kuran cannot be reproduced by even the best minds. Quran has challenged those who disbelieve in its divine authenticity, to bring about even one verse like it.

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