Al Maktaba Shamila free download complete software

al Maktaba Shamila or maktaba shamela. Some people called maktaba e shamila (مكتبة الشاملة) is a library software having 5300 arabic books on the countless Islaamic sciences with searching capability.

 Search ability in maktaba shamila:

  • Extremely advanced searching capabilities
  • Selecting single or multiple books to search
  • Ignoring or counting the of the letter Hamza
  • Searching in book titles
  • Searching within the books
  • Searching in the comments section (hashiya)of the books
  • Searching for the authors
  • Searching for multiple words

Other Abilities:

  1.  Edit the books
  2. Bookmarks favorite locations of the books.
  3. Open multiple books at the same time
  4. Remove or keep the Arabic punctuation marks
  5. Change background image
  6. Changing the font and color in the software like main text, comments, titles, footnotes
  7. Export the book to .HTML file
  8. Update the library
  9. Download new books from the software.

Download Maktaba Shamila:

download maktaba shamila from HERE

Installation guide:

(to see the complete guide and correct installation please read next pages bellow.)

Open The ZIP file that you download.


Al Maktaba Shamila free download complete software

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